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2nd September 2014


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2nd September 2014

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According to this tweet, people attending The Crucible are leaving BEFORE the play is over and BEFORE the actors have taken their bows, in order to secure themselves a good spot in the Stage Door queue to get a picture with Richard.

This is about the rudest and most disrespectful behaviour that I have heard of. It is rude toward other theater goers and the actors for disrupting the play and it is probably THE MOST disrespectful thing you can do to an artist, leaving before they have finished their performance. 

You could just as well tell them they sucked. THIS is what leaving early means: you don’t like it, you like it so little that you don’t want to spend another second of your lifetime on it. 

If you don’t appreciate the art, why buy a ticket in the first place, I wonder? Why not just pester him at Stage Door which he unfailingly, generously and graciously has done for TEN weeks and leave the tickets for those who actually take an interest in what matters to Richard: the acting, the play, the art.

I am getting so disgusted with parts of the RArmy that have no appreciation and no respect at all for what Richard is: an ARTIST, and instead are just occupied with making it all about themselves that they completely disregard him as an artist and thus degrade him as a person.

Please someone hand me a bucket, I feel like I have to throw up.


This is even worse than stomping, at least for that people stay and do it. Leaving early equals to spit the actors and all their efforts in the face.

Why did you bother to spend your money to watch one of THE BEST plays in London this year when you didn’t care at all for it and others were dying for a ticket? If you didn’t go to see fantastic acting for Richard and his cast mate’s performances, what did you go to do there? Just ogle the man? For that go look at pictures. You’d embarrass yourself and them much less.

The amount of reprehensible behaviours from some fans through this play has been appalling. Catcalling, whistling, uncontrolled expression…all this in ‘that’ moment that is just there to drive the plot. Mobiles ringing, people texting in the front row, ladies without underwear in the front row exposing themselves whenever he’d look that way…People stepping on stage while the actors are still taking their bows, following the actors…

Really hope that, for the next time he steps on a stage, all these fans have AT LEAST learnt to behave like persons.

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2nd September 2014

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2nd September 2014

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Applause for the cast of The Crucible (Richard is in the middle) 3/7/2014

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2nd September 2014

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♥  ☮  L E E   P A C E ☮ ♥ 


♥  ☮  L E E   P A C E ☮ ♥ 

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2nd September 2014

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Richard Armitage ‏@RCArmitage  16 min
Get ready for some ass kickin…no really…yeah I know he looks cuddly but he’s not…

Get ready for some ass kickin…no really…yeah I know he looks cuddly but he’s not…

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2nd September 2014

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2nd September 2014

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2nd September 2014

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2nd September 2014

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7.02: Without Contraries - part 2 of my Lucas!fic series is over on AO3 right now, folks. What can I say? A small measure of angst and ambiguity and chess metaphors and macaroons. 

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