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28th February 2013

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Putting all this here because i want it at hand for future reference.

Following this other post regarding Benedict’s possibilities for the next Oscar Awards (2014), we have more mentioning his possibilities for Main and Secondary Actor nominations, and even suggesting the possibility of him achieving both. (Yes please!)

Awards Corner has him listed as:

  • 7th between the 10 main candidates for a nomination as Main Actor (1st pic) for “The Fifth Estate”. X.
  • 1st between the 20 main candidates for a nomination as a Secondary  Actor (2nd pic) for “August : Osage County”. (Here is where the double nomination is mentioned). X.

It also has listed the potential 100 films that may interest the Academy next year and Ben scores 5 movies, one of which is shared with Martin.

3, 9, 27, 60 & 63


If only we would get all! *_* Crossing fingers for the whole year.

Thanks Pamela for the links! Love you! ^^

Will update with more if more appear.

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    OMG! Can you imagine if this is exactly how the nominations go. Literally the year of Benedict!
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