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20th March 2013

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In Honor of today’s bathtub two of the most famous Holmesian moments involving a bathtub. Both hilarious by the way ;D (could they be hints?)

First picture Jeremy Brett in Granada’s The Master Blackmailer(Charles Augustus Milverton)

Second picture Robert Stephens (Ex-Mr Maggie Smith and dad of Toby Stephens) in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, one of Mark Gatiss favourite movies ;D  X.

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    Reblogging again lest anyone forget that we know there will be a bathtub somewhere in S3, called Sherlock bathtub....
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    …. Okay now I’m ten times more excited about the Bath Tub picture Mark Gatiss tweeted from the set of Sherlock…
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    “The big reveal of Sherlock’s return from the dead. John smells smoke, goes to investigate, opens the bathroom door...
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    Em homenagem à banheira de hoje, dois momentos mais famosos de Holmes na banheira (seriam pistas?)
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